Match Secrets and Tips for IMGs

Am writing this sum post because I keep getting emails about what is the best strategy to win the spot you dream about in the match especially if you are applying to a difficult specialty or have low USMLE scores or is an old graduate. Although Good scores are the key indicator for getting interviews, however, this is not always true. Many IMGs with just passing scores match every year. The glitch here is how you present yourself. This being said, yourself as an applicant, aside from the scores and year of graduation, you are basically composed of LORs, PS, MSPE, Interview performance and program relation.

1- LORs, although US letters of recommendations carry more weight, however, a genuine overseas one that come from physicians that know you for long time can be more effective in ensuring the director that you fit their program. These letters if written in a way that encourage the staff to read it till the end will definitely earn you more interviews. You can get the guidelines on how to write these LORs be from this blog: Samples Letters of Recommendations for Residency

2- Your personal statement is another mirror that reflects some parts of your ID as a physician. DON'T use any service to write NOR share it with any person online. Most people who use services either don't get interviews or get busted for plagiarism. They will for sure know! Use the instructions here to create your own: Personal Statements Guidelines

3- Your MSPE as an IMG should not be sophisticated. Ask your dean to make the letter straight forward as in this post: MSPE

4- One of the major determinants are the interviews themselves. Beside the attire which we will talk about later, you need to master these questions before you go to any interview: Interview questions and answers

5- You need to be more or less reasonable when applying to residency programs. If you have very low scores then its not wise to apply to a program with very tough requirements because you will not get interviews. The best way to go about it is to apply mainly to those you meet their requirements, then you apply to hose that requirements are not much far from your credentials, to know more about the programs you are applying to, check the requirements here:

6- Last but not least, playing a trick that works most of the times in pushing your rank higher in the NRMP list is by sending reminding cards with these dimension: Thank You Card