The Medical Student Performance Evaluation as known as the Dean's Letter ia an important part of the ERAS application for AMGs but not of much weight for IMGs. Many IMGs can't obtain one from their medical school and this is ok, in this case ECFMG/ERAS will generate the following pseudo-MSPE for you: "This document is in lieu of the Dean's Letter/MSPE." It will be listed in the ADTS as Dean's Letter/MSPE, the same as an actual Dean's Letter/MSPE, to make your application appear complete. The Dean's Letters/MSPEs are held at the ERAS PostOffice until October 1st, at which time they are released.

In general, people who can get the MSPE will have to submit the document to ECFMG electronically via ECFMG’s OASIS. Documents uploaded through OASIS will take one to two weeks to process. You can do that after you buy the ERAS token and register for AAMC ID. You don't need to include your USMLE or AAMC ID on it. No more MSPEs can be submitted to ERAS Support Services via mail, all documents should be uploaded via OASIS except for PS via MyERAS.

The date on the Dean's letter is not important even if it was generated many years ago you can still use it, just make sure it is original not a copy. Also it doesn't need to be addressed to anybody, just a standard Dean's letter is sufficient. The MSPE for IMGs is typically one page length and looks similar to a recommendation letter. It will include the year of enrollment in the medical school as well as the date your certificate was issued. The signature of the Dean will appear in the bottom as well as the seal of the university or medical school if any.

This is a sample of the MSPE or Dean's letter for IMGs (International Medical Graduates):

            Medical Student Performance Letter (Dean's Letter)
                                          STXYZ  ZYXTS
    This is to certify that  STXYZ ZYXTS born in York-UK in the year of 1985 is a graduate of the faculty of medicine at XYZ  university.

    He joined the  medical school during the academic year XXXX - XXXX and graduated in the year of YYYY-YYYY after passing his final MBBS exams at First Attempt. He was given diploma before/after finishing a year of internship at ZZZZZ hospital.

   His attendance in the school was optimal with no gaps or major leaves. His overall academic performance rating with good.

   As mentioned above, he completed a  rotating internship (One Year Program) as a resident intern from xx/xx/xxxx to yy/yy/yyyy in XYZ hospital during which his work and conduct were good.

Feel free to contact us for any questions through this email
End of Letter.

Name & Title of school Official       Signature of School Official

Dr. GGGG NNNNN                  
Dean Of  XYZ Medical School              Date cc/cc/cccc