What is USCE for IMGs?

This is abbreviation of United States Clinical Experience. It includes 3 types of rotations: Electives (for undergraduates only), Observerships and Externships.

Is USCE important for the match?

Many program directors will be looking for such information. Having Experience in the US is a very important positive factor in your CV as an IMG. It can eliminate low scores and cover a significant year of graduation gap. This being said, most of foreign graduates will seek to get some experience in the US before applying to residency to increase their chances to get interviews.

Where can we find USCE?

It is not an easy task for international medical graduates to find USCE on their own without help especially with raising concerns about HIPPA, patient satisfaction, limited positions and visa issues. The best approach to get a spot is to apply to the same places where IMGs has been rotating recently as listed in this book: USCE